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Experts in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology

Welcome to SHB Radiology

We are a group of NHS Consultant Radiologists who work together to provide a comprehensive and high quality range of diagnostic and therapeutic medical imaging across the three counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire

We offer sub-specialty expertise in all diagnostic imaging modalities at a selection of local sites and at a time convenient to you




Diagnostic Imaging

We provide services for both privately insured and self funding patients. We are fully recognised by all the major insurance providers using the state of the art equipment at local and convenient hospitals. We also offer very competitive rates for self funding patients 

The group have very close links with all the local GPs, hospital consultants and allied professionals such as physiotherapists. This allows us to discuss clinical questions and test results to produce accurate and relevant reports on your investigation. The referring doctor will always be sent a full report of your imaging study, usually within 24 hours. Urgent or unexpected findings are always phoned or faxed through and further referral can often be arranged by the radiology consultant if appropriate

Cardiac CT

What We Do

CT Scan

CT Scans


MRI Scans



Chest Xray


Knee MRI



Nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine


Breast Imaging

Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology

Latest news

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Analyzing Scans
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