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We offer a fast access, expert-led service for both insured and self-funding patients for most diagnostic imaging and radiology-guided procedures. The cost of any investigation or procedure will vary on the funding method, type of scan and the location it is being performed with all quoted prices include the reports and images (where relevant).  The prices for imaging investigations are set by the individual institution rather than us and they will have approximate prices on their websites linked below.  Please contact the individual organisation for more specific pricing and advice for a scan at the location of your choice.  

We are all recognised by the major medical insurance companies but if you do have private cover, please contact your insurer before your referral to check the terms of your policy regarding the level and type of outpatient cover you have as you are responsible for any fees not covered by the insurer.

We are able to accept self-referrals for procedures which do not involve ionising radiation (ultrasounds and MRI scans). For x-rays, CT scans and image guided procedures we would normally require a referral from a GP, Hospital Consultant or Health Practitioner who is eligible to refer to us. 

Frimley Park Hospital

X-ray, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Interventional procedures

Parkside Private Patients  01276 604715


Radiology Secretary  01276 604335

Frimley Park Hospital

Doctaly Online GP Service

Vista Health 0371 454 3192

MRI Scan   Self-referral Portals


Click on icons to open website


Secure Scanners 0207 989 0889

MRI Scan by Referrer

Parkside Private Patients  0300 6134715

Clare Park Hospital

Xray, Ultrasounds, CT scan, MRI scan

Clare Park Hospital 01252 884 708

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