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We welcome self-funding, insured and medico-legal referrals. We are approved radiologists with all the main insurance providers of private healthcare, many of which are listed below. Our services are competitively priced with no compromise in quality or service. Every study will be reported by a named consultant radiologist within the group who has expertise in the technique used or area being scanned. You will often receive a copy of your scan on a CD and we will also store a digital copy should it be required for reference with your GP or consultant. 


As a group of consultants holding substantive posts in the NHS, we have no shareholders or directors to pay. Income generated by imaging at Frimley or Aldershot helps support our NHS trust whilst our private patients benefit from reduced costs and superior service. 


We are unable to offer individual medical advice from this website but we will be happy to discuss your imaging requirements by contacting us using the online enquiry form. We want to facilitate any radiology service a patient requires but will image responsibly to prevent unecessary or inappropriate investigations. Referrals for any scan involving radiation such as an X-ray or CT is regulated by legislation and will usually require a written referral from a qualified medical practitioner.




Question about your scan



​How long will it take to get an appointment?

After receiving the request we will normally get in contact with you in the next 24 hours to offer you an appointment. CT and MRI scans are performed 7 days a week and can be done at a time convenient to you. If a scan is more specialised or involves an interventional procedure such as a joint injection the appointment times may be slightly more limited. 



How long to get a result?

The results of an ultrasound are normally explained at the time of the scan. For other tests, a result will be available and faxed or emailed through to the referrer within 24 hours. Occasionally, if the scan is complex the result may be delayed by waiting for opinions and expertise from other consultants.



How do I pay for a test?


If you have health insurance contact the company prior to arranging any test to get pre-authorisation. Then just bring along your insurance details and authorisation code to the appointment. Some companies will insist you are referred by a hospital consultant. If self funding, you will be told of the exact price with no hidden extras. The hospitals accept most major credit and debit cards or you can pay by cheque. 




Can I self refer for a test?

Yes for studies such as ultrasound or MRI, a qualified medical professional is not required to make a referral. We will also accept referrals for these investigations from Osteopaths or Physiotherapists. 

The appointment and costs can be obtained directly from the Frimley Park Hospital Parkside Unit or Clare Park hospitals. We can perform MRI studies at Clare Park via the Vista Health website

The contact details can be found on the websites shown in this box

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